Inspiring Environmental Learners at New Branches Charter Academy

Inspiring Environmental Learners at New Branches Charter Academy web-safe graphic

At New Branches Charter Academy, we take pride in bringing environmentally-focused experiences to our students. Since our inception as, “The Climbing Tree School” in 1971, we have held true to providing a unique alternative to traditional programs and practices in education. 52 years later, we are still seeing the impact that we’ve had on our community, a prime example being Maree King.

Maree is a recent New Branches Charter Academy graduate, and newest member of the Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, a local non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of the city’s parks, trees and green spaces.

Photo of Maree King graduating at New Branches Charter Academy

Maree attributes her devotion to environmental studies and her community to the teachings at New Branches Charter Academy. Maree shares, “I never thought my first job would be the very things I learned how to do at New Branches. I was super excited that I was able to say I already have experience!”

Maree and her mother, Kina King both commend Mrs. Hasenbank, Environmental Science Specialist at New Branches Charter Academy, for Maree’s passion.

Kina King said, “Mrs. Hasenbank is an amazing educator with a wonderful way of making environmental learning fun for her students. Not only is my daughter being productive this summer, she’s also able to build what she learned at New Branches.”

As an environmental school, we know that what we teach is important to prepare our students for high school, college, and beyond, it’s what we do!  Keep up the great work, Maree, and shout-out to Mrs. Hasenbank for her lasting impression on her students! Follow us on social media to hear more heartwarming stories about our students and staff here at New Branches Charter Academy.

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