Be Nice.

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New Branches Charter Academy is proud to be a be nice. school!

be nice. is a four-step Action Plan to notice, invite, challenge and empower individuals to take action when they or someone they know may be experiencing a change in their mental health. Take it a step further, and be nice. becomes a Program that uses the Action Plan as a basis for mental health and suicide prevention education in schools, workplaces, and faith congregations.

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The first step in n.i.c.e is taking time to notice what is good, what is right and what we could do better to make everyone feel like they belong.

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The second step in n.i.c.e. is inviting ourselves to make a change. Remember the small things make a big difference.

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After you have invited yourself to change, it’s time to challenge others to join you in the movement.

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The final step in n.i.c.e. is to empower your entire school and community to embrace the principles of being nice.