Character Education

The character education program is the vehicle through which a school culture of character is created.

Our educational program clearly recognizes the obvious link between good character and academic achievement. Crafting the student character is a top priority at New Branches Charter Academy. All of our teachers and staff work diligently to incorporate core values in everything from activities programs to the disciplinary code. Character Education is integrated across the curriculum and uses monthly themes to help students actualize the concepts they are learning.

Additionally, we recognize the value of reinforcing lessons learned in school with non-classroom activities including athletics, performing arts, mentoring, Service Learning, and participation of all students in character-building activities outside of the classroom. It is our goal to help students establish a moral compass and form habits they will need for a successful life through strong work ethics and personal integrity.

What makes our programs so unique?

  • Helps to develop social and academic behaviors
  • Includes etiquette lessons to train kids for social settings now and in the future
  • Includes community service activities
  • Promotes parent and community involvement
  • Is adaptable for students of all ages
  • Lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Includes training on becoming tech-smart kids on social media
  • Extension activities are included for families to get involved in their child’s learning
  • And MUCH MORE!

Harmony - PreK - 6th Grade

The Harmony Online Learning Portal provides PreK-6th grade teachers with everything they need to successfully integrate Harmonys’ social-emotional learning program into the classroom, including training, lessons, activities, videos, stories, games, and songs.

Character Choices - 7th & 8th Grade

Students at NBCA participate in the Character Choices Program designed to help students develop their personal character, become lifelong learners and transform into quality citizens within their communities.

Character Choices focuses on nine monthly traits, which are woven into the curriculum throughout the entire year. The Character Choices curriculum is aligned to Common Core Standards, making it a regular part of the school day and a part of the dialogue of the students’ day. Each trait is assigned a focus month to allow the students more time to delve into the true meaning of the trait.

Students and teachers work together to practice each trait in writing, reading and through their actions. Teachers are able to build Character Choices lessons into their everyday lessons through various activities, books, and demonstrations.

September - Respect


October - Responsibility


November - Cooperation


December - Compassion


January - Good Judgement

Good Judgement

February - Integrity


March - Perserverance


April - Citizenship


May - Courage