Forming Good Summer Habits at New Branches Charter Academy

July marks the halfway point in what has been an exciting summer at New Branches Charter Academy. There has been plenty going on at our school as we get ready for another class of new and familiar faces, and we know that this time is as busy for our students as it is for us. With a 3-month break from class, it’s almost inevitable that students will begin to lose track of their rituals and habits that coincide with the start of school.

Maintaining good habits over summer break can help students stay productive, engaged and prepared for when classes resume. We’ve put together a brief list of good habits to create this summer to ensure that your student is as ready as possible when New Branches Charter Academy opens this fall.

1.) Dedicate time to learning something new
We challenge our students to dedicate at least an hour a day to learning a new skill or pursuing a hobby that your child is passionate about. Whether this be playing a musical instrument to learning a new language or trying your hand at coding. Spending time to learn about something that keeps your student engaged is a great way to keep their brains working over the Summer Break.

2.) Review last year’s school work
If your child held on to any old work from last year’s classes, a perfect way to keep them engaged with their school work is to go back over their work with them again. This is an effective way to refresh on previous information and help build on the material they will be learning in the coming months!

3.) Limit screen time
While technology can certainly be useful, it has become very important to balance it with other activities. Ensure that free time is well-rounded by limiting time on-screen and encouraging them to visit friends, walk outside and make use of their newly-found summer energy!

4.) Track your child’s sleep schedule
It can take a while to catch up, but to truly prepare for the upcoming school year, getting up on time is very important. Getting into a new routine can take weeks, and staying on top of your early riser makes sure that when that first week of class approaches, your child will be on-time and better prepared.

5.) Be sure to have fun!
At the end of the day, summer break is a time for relaxation and socializing.

An important piece of a successful school year is time away to reflect on our achievements, and with as many achievements as we’ve had, it would be a shame not to celebrate. To everyone in our school community, enjoy your summer and stay in touch with us via social media or our website. We will continue to post the great happenings in our community this summer, and we hope that with a few of the tips mentioned above, this summer is as calming and productive as our school.

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