Before and After School Care

The school day is from 8:10 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.

Little Owlets Before & After School Childcare Program

Welcome to New Branches Charter Academy Before & After School Child Care program.  The program is offered to NBCA students who need before and after school child care.  We are pleased to be able to offer this service to parents who have work schedules outside of normal operating school hours.  Our program is play-based and focuses on discovery, learning social skills, safe outside play, and having fun! We offer a snack each day for students in after school care.  Students will eat a free breakfast in the classroom when school starts.

Download the application here, and turn into the office ASAP.  We also have packets available in the office.

This is not a drop-in service and all students must be registered and scheduled each day.

Before & After School Care Days and Hours of Operation

The program is scheduled to operate Monday through Friday from 6:30– 8:10 am before the school day begins and from 3:10 – 6:00 pm in the afternoon after the school day has ended.  The Principal of the Academy or his/her designee is the administrator of the child care program.

Fee Policy

Before & After School Child Care is a pre-paid program only. You must be pre-registered to use the service (per child care DHHS licensing regulations).  See fee options below:


Full-Time: $75

Part-Time: $15 per day

This fee includes both morning and after-school child care. Discounts are not given if one portion of the program is not utilized. In the event of an emergency, the daily fee applies and payment will be expected at the time of pick up.


Parents are required to pay for child care in advance.  Payments are due at the end of each week of service provided.  Payments can be made at the school or online.

When paying you will be issued a receipt for funds paid. There will be a $25.00 fee assessed for a check returned for insufficient funds.  Failure to make payment will result in loss or suspension of childcare services. We accept debit and credit cards.

Late Payment/Negative Balance

Any account with an unpaid balance at the start of each week will be suspended from childcare services until the balance is cleared.

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

New Branches Charter Academy does not assume responsibility for your child until he or she is signed in and out by the Parent or Guardian (as required by State of Michigan Licensing).

A child may not sign himself or herself in or out of childcare services. The only person who can sign in a child or pick up a child is the parent or person designated on the emergency card.

The parent or approved person bringing a child to school or picking up the child at the end of the school day must bring the child to the child care room in the morning and sign in.  The person picking up the child after school must come to the childcare room and sign the child out.

Sign-in and sign-out procedures must be followed or services will be terminated.  Calling ahead does not meet the standard for signing in or signing out.  If a parent will have someone else drop off or pick up his or her child, the child care supervisor must be notified of the person’s name and relationship or the child will remain in childcare until a properly authorized person comes to pick up the child.

Late Arrival

Children that are not picked up on time (before 6:00) will occur a $20 fee.  If the child has not been picked up by 6:15, another $20 fee will be charged.  This pattern will follow for every 15 minutes thereafter.