Making Adjustments for the new School Year at New Branches Charter Academy

The 23-24 school year is upon us at New Branches Charter Academy, and we know that with that comes a plethora of common anxieties, concerns and excitements. For students and their families, the end of the summer can be a busy and overwhelming time. We have compiled a list of common pitfalls that arise with the start of the new year and ways to overcome them!


Academic Pressure
The new school year often comes with new challenges, whether those be new subjects, teachers or expectations at New Branches Charter Academy. These transitions can be difficult for students and families, but there are helpful ways to establish both the student and family in their new school routine.

One great way to stay on top of making adjustments with the new year is to stay in communication with teachers as needed. Whether it be attending parent-teacher conferences, visiting orientation or using communications platforms like email, staying in touch with your student’s teachers is a great way to make sure that any pain points that come up with the new year are taken care of quickly and efficiently.


Homework Struggles
A common conflict with students and their families at the start of a new year is homework that is either unfamiliar or challenging. Procrastination and disorganization are two examples of how homework issues arise at home.

One solution for issues like procrastination and disorganization would be teaching time-management skills that makes homework less daunting once your student is at home. This could be anything from rewards for completing things on time, setting aside an hour for study at home every day or breaking tasks into smaller steps. Fostering a positive routine for homework can help your student stay ahead of the curve throughout the whole year!


Social Transitions
Another recurring theme among parents and students is anxiety around making new friends, joining new groups with extracurriculars such as sport, or even adapting to a new environment in the classroom.

A fantastic way to encourage a student that might be struggling socially is to ask your student why they may be nervous about returning to the classroom. Having discussion around these fears can help them address the underlying anxiety around joining a new club, finding a new hobby or making new friends.

Back to school season doesn’t have to be stressful for your student. By creating a routine and listening to their concerns, we hope they will look forward to another fun and exciting school year at New Branches Charter Academy. Be sure to stay up to date with our back-to-school happenings on our social media and website, and as always, our hardworking support staff is always a call away to give any student the individual time and support they need.

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