Computer Donation from PADNOS

PADNOS, a local recycling company, just donated 50 Dell Venue laptops to New Branches! We are so grateful to for their donation. This will allow even more of our students to continue their learning online.

“We are proud to be involved in the communities in which we conduct business. One of our Core Values is Just Be Good People,” said Kevin Everhart of PADNOS. “This not only applies to what we do every day, but also by playing our part to support the community. We hope our small gift is able to help students learn that maybe otherwise would have found themselves without the resources during these unprecedented times.”

PADNOS as a whole has been around for over 100 years. They are a recycling company that handles metal, paper, plastic and electronics. The company buys used electronics from businesses, schools, hospitals and the community and refurbish the ones that we are able to in order to resell them and extend their useful life. For the ones they are not able to refurbish, they dismantle them at their secure facility in Wyoming and sell the material to be repurposed into new products. You can find out more here: