Mentorship Programs – Grades K-8th

New Branches Charter Academy is proud to offer mentorship programs to our K-8 students! This fall, both the Better Wiser Stronger program (for males) and the Mirror Me program (for females) will be available for our students. Both programs were launching in March but mostly came to a halt when our school switched to virtual learning.

“Our main reason for offering these mentor programs was so that we can provide our students with impactful mentors whose mission it is to impact the youth of color in our community,” explained Kristen Crawford, New Branches Charter Academy’s assistant principal. “We’ve partnered with Henry Sapp from Better Wiser Stronger and Sharalle Richardson from Mirror Me to offer really unique opportunities for our kids. We’re excited about what this mentorship experience will offer our students.”

Better Wiser Stronger Inc is a local non-profit organization that mentors young men to build a life platform of respect, confidence and strong relationships while reducing and removing barriers that have lessened their ability to have successful life outcomes. 

BWS is implementing three of our programs at New Branches: Confident Reading, Teach me 2 Tie, and Boys 2 Men. With these programs, the young men at New Branches will receive help with reading, life skills, confidence and peer to peer interactions just to name a few. Due to the extended school closure this spring, Better Wiser Stronger wasn’t able to interact with the students in person but they are still running their program virtually. 

Mirror Me Images is an organization that mentors young women and whose mission is to assure identity and inspire destiny through education, empowerment, and mentoring. The Mirror Me team is elated to partner with New Branches Academy to facilitate Crowned, which is a curriculum that was developed to include lessons of life mapping, developing personal mission statements, affirmations, and more. Mirror Me is excited about the opportunity to impact lives and to build confidence in future world changers. They envision a group of girls with the audacity to be themselves and to confidently pursue their purpose. 

Students must be enrolled at New Branches Charter Academy to participate in these mentorship programs. If you would like more information or are interested in your child participating, please contact Kristen Crawford at or 616-888-0810.

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