A letter from Pogona

Dear Students,
Pogona misses all of you and hopes all is well with each of you. She would like to provide you with a helpful, fun tip for the day:

Spend some time outside each day for fresh air and exercise!! It is a great time to look around for signs of Spring! (be sure to keep on social/physical distancing to stay healthy when outside)

Pogona LOVES being outside. Sometimes she forgets she’s a desert creature and insists on outside time even though it’s still chilly part of Spring. Mrs. Hasenbank has been letting her roam around outside for short periods of time to get fresh air and exercise. Pogona’s second favorite thing to do is look out the window, wishing she was outside.

Pogona would love to hear how students are spending their time outside! Share with us on Facebook!

Hope to see you soon!

Pogona looking out window Pogona playing in dirt Pogona trying to go outside Pogona looking out the window Pogona playing in new, spring grass