Environmental Science Class – School Garden


Students helped prepare the school garden for the upcoming winter season. 1st graders harvested some green bean seeds. 6th graders harvested a 5-gallon bucket full of marigold flower seed heads (wow!). All these seeds will be dried and stored in a cold place over winter for spring planting.

7th graders helped tear out leftover plants in the 16 garden beds and deposited them in the nearby compost pile. We are working on starting a compost program this year!

Mrs. Hasenbank was showing students how it’s not really necessary to run around screaming when they see a bumblebee in the garden ????Bumblebees are capable of stinging but are not aggressive like wasps. Expert animal handler Mrs. Hasenbank was able to handle the bumblebee because cooler fall temperatures cause them to be somewhat lethargic.

(*Note: We do take bee sting allergies very seriously and have an epi pen on hand during garden visits. Students with such allergies are watched carefully as well.)

Younger students loved investigating the first hard frost of the season!