Boys Are on the Run!

Ten boys and two teachers, Mr. Bell and Mr. Pall, braved running the Brian Diemer 5k Race on Saturday, June 8. They did an excellent job and had fun along the way!

The group of boys and teachers call themselves Run United and practiced for the last six weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays to prepare for the 5k. This is the second year that New Branches has had a boys running club led by Mr. Bell and Mr. Pall.

“The boys are far better runners than they realize. The encouragement from the spectators was huge. We made capes to wear during the race. The spectators made a big deal about the capes and how well the boys were running. Everyone felt special about what they accomplished on that day and it was awesome to be part of it,” Al Pall, a teacher at New Branches, exclaimed.

“This was my second season coaching and I enjoyed this season as much as the first season. The boys learned about teamwork and community throughout the season. It was great to watch them push further both physically and mentally,” Landon Bell, a teacher at New Branches, commented.

“The best part was hearing the crowds cheering and music playing at the end. The boys got a burst of energy and ran faster than they ever had,” Pall commented.

Next year they plan on having another group of boys participate in Run United at New Branches.