New Branches Parent Overcomes Adversity and Shares Her Story of Inspiration and Hope With Others

New Branches parent overcomes adversity and shares her story of inspiration and hope with others

Kyrstin Russau was a charter school graduate and wanted something similar for her own family. After researching and exploring many different schools, New Branches became the best fit for her son. She loves that the school feels like a family and that it is one big community.

Other factors that helped her make her decision were that New Branches offers after school programs, busing and accommodations that help working parents like her. She also loved the character traits and environmental focus. 

“Some of my son’s favorite people at New Branches are the childcare staff! They are nurturing and provide a safe and fun place for kids after school,” Russau explained. 

New Branches is an environmentally-focused school that teaches and gives life lessons to students right in the middle of the city. Russau commented that “our world is changing and my son is learning things that will affect him in the future through the nature-focused curriculum. He can implement these things into his everyday life and become an influential asset to his community.”

New Branches also provides great communication to its parents and students. 

“Communication is key. The communication that New Branches provides about my son is exceptional. I want to know what is going on and how my son is doing. New Branches is great at this. I know from teachers and staff what is going on. This is a stress-relief for working parents.”

Not only is Kyrstin Russau an amazing parent but she is also an example to many young kids.  Being raised by her grandparents, she dealt with difficulties such as self-identity, having low self-esteem and trying to fit in. These things ultimately led her down a dark path. 

At 22 she found herself pregnant. Although the father of her child is now her husband and has always been in their son’s life, she considered herself a single parent and one who fought her way through adversity. 

She realized that she had to make her own path for a positive future and is on a mission to help and inspire others to find their own purpose in life. 

She wrote a book to help inspire others and to let them know that they can find love and hope if you look in the right places. “I’ve dealt with challenges and began doing what I know I needed to do in order to get what I deserve,” Russau said. 

She fought through the tough times, learned to gain confidence and to give back. This is her overcoming and now her testimony. Her book encourages others that they can be something great. (You can find the book here.)

Part of her story is the love and support she received from the New Branches community. 

She loves that she can get involved. Last year during career week she got a chance to talk with the middle schoolers. She was able to let them in on her journey in hopes of giving inspiration to students who may need to know that it is going to be alright and that they can make a difference. 

“You have to learn to accept and love your flaws because this will make you stronger,” Russau commented. 

Kyrstin Russau is an inspiration to so many and we are grateful to have her part of the New Branches family.