Fun Rivalry for a Great Cause

At New Branches, the competition between the University of Michigan and Michigan State fans is serious! Many students have a deep passion and commitment to either Blue or Green. With this in mind, the staff decided to create a competition between the teams through a non-perishable food drive which will then be donated to the local Community Food Club.  

The students were asked to bring in items and place them underneath the U of M or MSU sign located near the entrance of the building. At the end of the week, the team that had the largest amount of non-perishable items would win! Students were fired up and brought in as many items as they could.

By the end, Michigan State took the win with a total of 464 items. The University of Michigan was not that far behind with a total of 461 items! Awesome! A total of 925 items were donated to the Community Food Club!

The Community Food Club is an innovative and dignified approach to food security. It is a non-profit, member-based grocery store that is meeting the needs of the Grand Rapids community. We could not have picked a better organization to partner with on this event. 

The community came together and new positive energy and respect was created. Be on the lookout for other great competitions in the upcoming year!