An Author in Our Midst at New Branches Charter Academy

We have an author in our midst! To close out March’s Reading Month, Tiffany Gumpert, Reading Interventionist here at New Branches Charter Academy, shares with us the journey to writing her children’s book, I Love You Wherever You Are. Check out the blog below to learn about her book and the importance of children’s literature!


The desire to write stories has always been in my heart, even when I was a young child. I think I was born to write big beautiful stories, and was moved to write this book influenced by the love of family. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends love the little ones in their lives so deeply. This book is a beautiful reminder of that for kids. They should know that their families and friends love them no matter what, wherever they are in this great big world. 


Children’s literature is important for so many reasons. Children’s books are magical because they can transport a person into another world. These stories can bring light to the darkness. They can expand our ideas. They can bring us all closer together. The main characters in the story share the human journey of growth, love, beauty, sadness, and joy. While the characters and situations change, the love that they share remains the same. The love between these characters is always strong and beautiful.


The end of the book says, “Remember my love when you look at the stars, you have my light, you have my heart. On good days and bad days, near or far, my little one, my beautiful bug, I love you wherever you are.” It is my hope that these words will be remembered by the people that read my story, and one day, when they look at the stars in the night sky they will feel loved wherever they are. 


I believe in the magic of life and possibility. I love flowers, my family, writing stories, teaching kids how to read, and my little dog named Daisy. One can purchase my book at a number of local locations including: Books and Mortar, Oh Hello Paper Co, The Amway Grand Plaza Essentials Gift Shop and Hopscotch Children’s Store.

Tiffany Gumpert posing for a picture with her child and her dog.