Welcome to the 2021/22 School Year

Dear NBCA Family,
My favorite part of talking to parents during our enrollment interviews is when I ask them to tell me about their child(ren). I love to watch how the parents’ faces light up and they smile as they proudly tell me about them.
The most important step to teaching and learning is to develop positive relationships with our students. We want you to know we care about every single child, and we hope you feel this when you work with our teachers, talk with your kids about their day, and walk in our doors. When we get to know your child, we see why your faces light up!
During the first few weeks of school, teachers are modeling routines and procedures within the classroom and school. This helps students to rely on a predictable environment that promotes learning in a safe way. Ask your child what “Honey Bucks” are!
Thank you for choosing New Branches Charter Academy and entrusting your child to us for their education.
-Ms. Larkin