People of New Branches – Alan Pall

We are excited to be rolling out something new — staff spotlights!!

Get to know Mr. Pall! He is a 2nd grade teacher, and has worked at New Branches Charter Academy for 27 years!! He loves the family feel of our school.


“Mr. Pall defines what a true “life-long learner” is. He is constantly reading, listening, and adjusting his teaching practice to meet the needs of his students. I am so glad he is on our staff! Thank you Mr. Pall!”

“Mr. PALL is an exceptional Teacher! He always reminded me of that cool teacher you talk about when your old parents lol. My son has a blast in his class and be has done awesome! Thank you Mr.Pall!”

“Mr. Pall taught my 1st grade class in the Rainbow Room back in the days of Climbing Tree in the early 1990’s. Some of my favorite memories from his class include him reading out loud to us during story time, drawing with us, and helping us put on plays. So much fun and laughter in these memories. Thank you!!”