Thank you for your interest in our GSRP Preschool Program!

Apply online today for the 2021/2022 school year! Click here to view the GSRP Application

Apply over the phone! Families can call 616-447-2409 (Option 1 for English or Option 9 for Spanish) and speak to an intake staff person who will help them complete the application.

1. Complete the Child Intake Form at

  • - REQUEST New Branches Charter Academy on Child Intake form

2. I understand that my child’s application will not be processed until I turn in:

  • - Proof of birth – copy of legal birth certificate, passport, hospital record, baptismal record or other government form
  • - Proof of income – income tax form, W-2, pay stub, unemployment, written statement from employer, foster care reimbursement, SSI documentation, child support, alimony, or pensions
  • - Proof of residency – drivers license with current address, current utility bill, rent receipt, tax bill or land contract
  • - Most recent Physical or Well-child Checkup or Health Appraisal form
  • - Immunization Record
  • - If your child has an IEP we will need a copy

3. These can be turned in to the Kent ISD through email or mail:

    • - Email: [email protected]
    • - Address: 864 Crahen NE Grand Rapids MI 49525
    • - Phone Number: 616-447-2409

New Branches is NOT in charge of choosing preschoolers. The Kent ISD places preschoolers and will notify families as soon as their child has been placed, through email. Placement begins July 2021