Due to an increase of cases and quarantines in our community, we have decided, or been asked, to close the school building for a period of time for in-person instruction. This means that all of our students will now learn virtually until we are able to open up in-person instruction again.

New Branches Virtual Academy will feel fundamentally different from the emergency learning that took place in Spring of 2020. During this time, ALL students will continue their learning by attending scheduled, live teaching sessions by their classroom teacher with their classmates using ZOOM. They will also be completing assignments and activities that will be graded during regular school hours, all from the safety of their home.

As a school, we recognize the importance of working as a collective team – we must partner together – staff, students and families – in order to ensure the best experience for all. With this in mind, we have defined the “Must Haves” for learning to be successful for each and every student.


Attendance is mandatory and will be determined by a variety of measures including ZOOM attendance and participation, log-in data, and assignment completion. Attendance will be taken once in the AM and once in the PM. Students must log in to each Zoom session and attend for the entire session to be counted as present. If they are not logged on for the entire session, they will be marked as absent. Just like a normal school day, if you are sick or need assistance and are unable to log in for the day, please call the front office: 616-243-6221 by 8:30 am.

Academic Program

»» All teachers will be teaching English Language Arts (ELA) and Math through Zoom calls each day.

»» Science and Social Studies will either be taught through pre-recorded videos or live, based on teacher preference.

»» Specials will be available through Canvas and students may choose to do activities during independent time.

»» Teachers will communicate the daily schedule to parents and all work, announcements, etc.will be made through Canvas.