Welcome - Here is a message from our school leader, Terry Larkin

Welcome to New Branches Charter Academy,

At New Branches, we are a family that is committed to great academics and personal growth for each student. We grow through challenges and celebrate our accomplishments. 

We are an environmental school that celebrates the outdoors through the innovation and creative lessons that our teachers create. Students from the city are learning the importance of our earth and how they can contribute to making our world more sustainable. 

We serve a diverse group of about 400 students in grades preschool through eighth grade. Our support staff includes over 60 teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, food service workers, and administrative staff who all work with students to achieve high academic and social standards. 

Our students reap the additional benefits of programs and practices such as STEAM EcoArt, character education, middle school sports, and positive school culture – all hallmarks of an effective charter school education. With active parent participation, we work to make each day a positive experience for each student. 

We are a passionate and caring community with common goals of achieving high academic standards, providing a safe community and building character to prepare kids for active participation in the world around them. We strive to provide experiences where students become responsible to the environment and society. 

Thank you for entrusting your student to us. Education is a journey and we are lucky to partner with a great community of parents. 

In partnership with you,

Terry Larkin


Terry Larkin