How to become a bus driver!

We are seeking bus drivers and substitute bus drivers.

Step 1: To apply for your first CDL, visit a local Secretary of State branch office and

  • Show proof of Social Security number with your Social Security card, payroll check stub or W-2 Form.
  • Show proof of Legal Presence in the United States.
  • Complete an application which includes a statement certifying that you meet medical and driver qualifications.
    • If you have had any change in your physical condition since your last driver license renewal which may affect your ability to drive, you may need a special form from the branch office for your physician to fill out before you can apply for your license. 
  • Meet driver record eligibility requirements as determined by Secretary of State branch office personnel. 
  • Pass the required knowledge and vision tests. You must pass all required knowledge tests to obtain a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). This allows you to practice driving under the supervision of a driver who has a CDL for the type of vehicle you wish to drive. A CLP is also required for taking the CDL skills tests.  If you do not pass a knowledge test on your first attempt, you must wait one day to retake the test. There is a one-day wait period for any subsequent retest.
  • Pay your $25 CDL fee.
  • Schedule your CDL skills test.
  1. You must wait 14 days prior to taking the skills test and converting your CLP into a full CDL.
  2. Your skills test must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance of when you are eligible to test.

You must take the skills tests through an approved third-party tester. Third party testers are public and private agencies authorized by the state to conduct CDL skills tests. You should contact a tester well in advance of when you want to test.  Once you have passed your CDL skills tests, you must return to the Secretary of State branch office to:

  • Pay a correction fee to add CDL privileges to your license.
  • Receive your CDL.

Step 2Adding Passenger (P) and School Bus(S) Endorsement to your CDL license ($5 each)

If you have not already, the skills and knowledge tests will need to be taken for Passenger and School Bus. Once passed, the endorsements can be added to your CDL license.

Step 3: Apply for a bus driver position at Choice Schools Associates.

Step 4: Medical Examiner’s Certificate and Drug Screen (paid for by the school)

Once employment is offered, we will provide you with an authorization form for a DOT physical and pre-employment drug screen to be performed at a local medical facility.

Step 5: CPR/First Aid Certification

If you do not currently possess a valid CPR/First Aid card, we will provide you with access to online training to become certified!

Step 6: Continuing Education Certificate

In order to obtain your continuing education certificate, you must attend the Beginning School Bus Driver Training course. Your training will be paid by our company.